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How do Taobao sellers package goods when delivering goods? What should I pay attention to?

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safety first, it is very important to protect the safety of products, but if you make the logo of your online store conspicuous and generous and stick it on the packaging box, I believe it will give the buyer a bright feeling in front of you. I wish you fortune.

Taobao express packaging determines that the buyer will directly score the shopping after receiving the article number, so the choice of packaging is very important

generally, small items are mailed. It is recommended to find a packaging factory to customize a certain number of cartons. According to the size and size of the items, it is better to design two-layer packaging, and one layer outside the small carton



the packaging for the goods sent by Taobao. The seller can order it at the local carton making shop

you can also buy it directly on Taobao, because there are cartons on Taobao, which are sold in different sizes

if some bags are packed, you can find the relevant packaging factory to order and print your own logo. If there is a large quantity, the price is not expensive

the principle is to protect the product. As long as you can ensure that the product will not be damaged and worn, you can pack it anyway. It’s better to be beautiful. Tell your courier to pay attention to the product

if it is fragile, wrap foam in the innermost part and then pack it in a bag. Put newspapers on the outside to prevent earthquakes and falls. Then put it into a strong box and wrap it around the corners with tape. It’s useless to tell the express. After all, it’s not sent by one person. One more thing, they can’t control it

valuables have to be insured. If you lose them, you will only lose 200 yuan. It will take another month or two to give it to you

the fear of express delivery is losing parts and being switched. So the packing must use strong boxes and so on.

in this era when the Internet is so developed, everyone is used to shopping online. There are many online products, and you can buy what you want without leaving home. However, long-distance transportation is required from the packaging and delivery of goods by merchants to the arrival of goods in customers’ hands. If you don’t make the products well, it is easy to cause product damage

the damage of products due to transportation is generally caused by two situations: one is that the merchants do not do a good job in the protective packaging of products, and the other is that the express and logistics transportation are too violent, resulting in the damage of goods. Logistics has always been a vexing problem for e-commerce. The serious problems of express stacking and loss are the important reasons for product damage

because long-distance logistics transportation is easy to cause damage to products, businesses must do a good job in cushioning and packaging protection, shockproof and pressure proof, so as to reduce the impact of the outside world for products. The protective packaging must use cushioning packaging materials, such as, inflatable bags, foam, waste paper and so on

in the past, businesses always used some discarded old newspapers to wrap products. The first image made customers dissatisfied. It was originally a beautiful product, but the beauty of the product was reduced because of the packaging. Cushioning packaging materials should be new environmentally friendly cushioning packaging materials such as bubble pads, which are not only flexible, but also simple and beautiful in appearance, which can not only protect product transportation, but also help product market competitiveness

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