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How can the production date on the package be erased?

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this kind of practice is extremely inappropriate. If you are a merchant, it is also easy to leave flaws in the goods, so that consumers can find that if you report, you will have to eat and go. If it’s a gift, it’s bad. In the future, the damage to your character will be far greater than the value of the commodity itself. If it’s something you use, it’s not worth it. What’s the use of lying to yourself?

if it is like a steel printing class, it can not be done, if it is ink printing (such as spray code category): a small number of nail polish or Red Flower Oil can be used. If the quantity is large, buy a special one. You can check it online or clean it with nitric acid. This is also better, because nitric acid glass is not harmful and the effect is quite good
banana water, canned food, packaged food and beer can be
gasoline, leaving a heavy smell
alcohol, which is difficult to get, but it is clean and has no peculiar smell

1. Prepare utensils that can hold water, a small piece of banana and food packaging bags or cartons and glass bottles with production date

2. Put the banana into a vessel and grind it, then inject clean water and stir it

3. Prepare a rag and dip it in the previously prepared “banana water”

4. Wipe the food packaging bag with production date back and forth with a cloth dipped in “banana water”. It is easy to remove the on the carton packaging, and it is not easy to remove the on the oily bag packaging, but it can be removed as long as you try to wipe it several times

5. The production date on the packing box is easily eliminated.

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