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How can the current packaging industry (carton packaging) do well?

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now this industry is a very mature industry. There is no secret. The final competition is the competition of price and service. Paper packaging is the lowest end of the printing industry. I have worked in this industry for 8 years, and now I have changed my industry. Speaking of how to do well, I have a few points you can refer to
if you want to become a small enterprise, you will win if the monthly output value of 30 people can reach 100-120w. You must make money. But if you want to make it bigger, I suggest you invest your money in other industries, which may have a much higher rate of return and a much shorter time. And the bigger the carton packaging, the more difficult it is. The most obvious is the problem of funds
How can a factory with more than 30 people do well
1. Control your purchasing cost. The lower the cost, the better
2. Reduce the waste in production and use materials and paper in quota. Saving on auxiliary materials
3. Reduction of nonconforming products
4. Accuracy of shipment quantity
in fact, the above points contain a lot of management things, which can not be understood at once. Some can only be known by personal experience. The last is to reduce the staffing of managers and the salary level of enterprise employees. This is a technical activity that needs brains
finally, this industry cannot live long and die.

Hello! I don’t know what you mean. Let me give you some suggestions from the aspect of management:
how to do a good job in the production management of carton enterprises
production management is an important process that determines the product quality and production efficiency of carton enterprises, and largely determines the future and destiny of enterprises. How to do well in production management is an important topic worthy of research and discussion in modern carton enterprise management. Based on my own working experience and feelings, the author talks about some superficial views on the production management of carton enterprises for reference
understanding of the concept of production management
in fact, enterprise production management is the process of production planning, mobilization, organization, control, scheduling and leadership. Production management focuses on management and management. Therefore, in the work, we must carry out orderly work closely around “management” and “management”, and constantly carry out management innovation and adopt or introduce good management methods, which is very important
the so-called “management” means to manage people, affairs and things around production in the process of organizing production, so as to keep the production process in a good and reliable running state. Among them, human is one of the key elements related to the production and operation state of enterprises, and it is also the primary condition. People’s thoughts are dynamic, and people are also inert. However, there are no backward employees, only backward management. If you leave it alone, good employees will become lazy and bad employees will become more and more backward. Everyone is more or less afraid of offending others. The existence of this psychology will affect management to a certain extent. Therefore, “management” should use the system to manage people, not people. Only by creating an environment for managing people with systems and realizing the equality of everyone in front of the system, can managers not feel embarrassed for worrying about offending people, and everything will be easy to do. As long as we manage people in accordance with the management system formulated by the enterprise and make the strict management system a deterrent, the behavior of employees will be standardized. What can be done and what can not be done will naturally be clear in the hearts of employees. When the employees of the enterprise can act according to the system and regulations, everything in production will be solved naturally, the product quality will have a reliable foundation, and the control of raw material consumption and production efficiency can be effectively guaranteed. To form such a good management atmosphere, enterprises need to make some efforts in management
“management” is the act of closely tracking the production process, that is, a series of detailed analysis, comparison and control of the reliability of the production process, the quality status, efficiency, material consumption, cost and the operation of the equipment. If any bad behavior is found, corresponding measures should be taken to correct it in time. It can be said that “reason” is to ensure the effectiveness and scientificity of production, and the specific measures and behaviors that should be taken are carried out on the basis of “management”. Production management and management are complementary and multiply, but management bears the brunt. “Management” is not only the prerequisite of “management”, but also the basis of “management”. Only when “management” is good, can “management” be smooth. Every manager must closely focus on management and management and do their own work well, so as to form a virtuous circle of management situation, and the enterprise will have competitive vitality and full of vitality
product quality management
to manage production, we must first manage quality. If the product quality is not guaranteed, production is meaningless. When organizing production, the production department (including workshop and team) must first start with how to ensure quality, conduct careful research, and organize and guide production scientifically and reasonably. This wrong tendency often appears in reality: the purpose of production is to organize the completion of production tasks on schedule, and regard quality control as a unilateral matter of the quality control department. In fact, this concept does exist in many enterprises, often resulting in the consequences of quantity without quality. Unqualified products often have to be reworked, which is more labor-consuming and time-consuming than normal production, resulting in a greater waste of human and material resources. Therefore, we should resolutely abandon backward and narrow management concepts
the author believes that the key to the effective quality control of enterprises lies in the strict and effective control of the whole production process, especially the basic link and source quality link. All employees and processes are the basic links of quality control. In the production process, postpartum inspection must be transformed into prenatal prevention. In the production process, quality control, technology and production departments should work together to formulate strict production quality control means and preventive measures, so as to make employees form an awareness and habit of quality self inspection and mutual inspection, which is the basis for improving the production qualification rate. To do a good job in the control of quality source links, we should not only do a good job in the production process and technology, but also pay attention to the quality control of procurement links, so as to ensure the quality of raw materials. In addition, it is also necessary to maintain and use the equipment reasonably, so as to better maintain the accuracy of the machine. It is also possible to carry out necessary technical training for employees, so as to improve the production efficiency and product quality synchronously
production cost management
the production cost of cartons involves all aspects of enterprise production management. The characteristics and prices of raw materials, labor remuneration of employees, production process mode, equipment performance and configuration, production energy input, technical quality of operators, labor quota, management measures, etc. will all affect the production cost. On the premise of ensuring product quality, selecting appropriate production raw materials, reducing production material consumption and improving production efficiency is not only the management direction of controlling production cost, but also one of the important ways to improve production capacity. In order to control the production cost, enterprises must comprehensively consider the product characteristics, process mode, equipment capacity and other factors, and select appropriate raw materials for production, which is the basic principle of reducing production consumption and improving product quality and production efficiency. Some people may think that to control production costs and reduce raw material consumption, we can only rely on shoddy work and shoddy manufacturing. This is a short-sighted and irrational wrong practice, which will inevitably affect product quality and production efficiency. In the long run, it will increase production consumption, and the gains outweigh the losses. It is not desirable
the methods to reasonably control production costs include: making reasonable ingredients through the improvement of production process and reducing the input of raw materials; Rational use of equipment and reasonable staffing; Train high-quality production technical operators and improve the production capacity of the equipment; Take effective management measures and means. For example, through reasonable process adjustment and equipment transformation, the loss of leftover materials and raw materials can be reduced; For bulk and fixed products, you can order raw materials with special specifications from the manufacturer, and pay attention to reducing the waste of leftover materials; By optimizing the combination and rational use of human resources, the production cost can also be reduced; The production cost can be reduced by using the large leftover materials of special-shaped cartons to make some carton “inner grids” and gaskets, or printing other small format products on the leftover materials of special-shaped cartons and carton paper. In daily production, as long as you observe and think carefully, you can find many ways to save energy and reduce consumption, so as to reduce production costs
management of production process
production process is the source link of product quality and production efficiency. It must comply with the basic principles of energy conservation and consumption reduction, high quality, high efficiency, science and rationality. For the production of bulk products or new products, we must first formulate a detailed production process plan, reasonably determine the orientation of raw materials and the selection of equipment according to the characteristics of products, first carry out small batch trial production, and closely track and manage the whole production process. After the completion of small batch production, a series of data in the production process are compared and analyzed according to the actual production situation, and then the process operation scheme of batch production is determined
however, the production process formulated through practice and theoretical analysis is not invariable. In the process of production process practice, creative ideas may suddenly appear, or some new problems may be encountered. Then, as long as the production efficiency and product quality can be improved, the original process can be adjusted to ensure the effectiveness and rationality of production. Practice has proved that some new problems are often encountered in the production of newly developed bulk packaging products. After changing the plate making process or other process operation schemes, it can not only effectively avoid the disadvantages of printing quality, but also save raw materials and improve production efficiency. Therefore, the author believes that to judge whether a production process is appropriate, we should mainly compare and analyze the three aspects of product quality effect, production cost and production efficiency in the actual production, and the conclusion is scientific and reasonable
management of production equipment
equipment is one of the important elements of carton enterprise production, and it is also a key condition related to production efficiency and quality. If there is no effective equipment management system or measures, even the best equipment may be damaged in a short time, affecting the performance. Therefore, the author believes that in order to avoid and eliminate this bad situation, enterprises must establish and improve equipment management system and implement a series of strict management measures. The main methods are as follows:
first, select appropriate operators. Important equipment or newly purchased equipment should be operated by employees with good ideological quality, sensitive mind and certain production experience, which is the key to whether the production efficiency of the machine can be brought into normal play and an important link that should be considered in equipment management and production management
the second is to check and assess the equipment. In daily production, pay attention to the necessary inspection and assessment of the use and maintenance of equipment, and bring it into the track linked with economy

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