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How can local products be packaged more delicately?

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the progress of the times brings the innovation of things. Even now the packaging is so exquisite. Packaging itself is an ancient activity, but packaging design plays an extremely special role in commodity economic activities. It is intertwined with material and non-material forces and is colorful in circulation. At first, in order to realize commodity exchange, people used packaging to preserve and protect commodities
it’s amazing that native products have such exquisite packaging

after entering the modern industrial society, the commodity cycle is shortened. Due to different manufacturers or companies, the packaging of the same commodity is marked with their own cultural brand. The price war forced businesses to constantly update products and change packaging. Some packaging began to exceed the real function and value of goods. For example, the packaging of Chinese traditional food “moon cake”, the added value of its packaging often exceeds the moon cake itself. In 2003, there was a “mid autumn moon cake plus housing” with a price of 310000 yuan in China; In 2004, there was a moon cake gift box with a pure gold golden Buddha at a selling price of 180000 yuan. Therefore, there is also a saying that shopping is to buy packaging. As long as the quality is acceptable and the packaging is very good, the price of things will rise
it’s amazing that native products have such exquisite packaging

no packaging:

1. There is a risk for consumers to be held accountable for eating diseases. If you sell packaged products, you can be held accountable to the manufacturer

2. If such products are checked, they will be confiscated and may be fined


1: the price must be high

2: high quality, high safety, and high aesthetics. The main reason is good sales

small box encyclopedia takes you to appreciate the exquisite packaging of local specialties. Today, small box encyclopedia finds that a box of moon cakes takes 800g Shuangbai Huang Bai Lian Rong moon cakes as an example. In the table, the cost accounting is divided into five categories: food cost, production cost, advertising cost, transportation cost and promotion cost. Among them, the largest proportion is food cost.


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