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God, please help us how to fold the corrugated paper in the middle of this kind of flat cardboard. What machine is used to make this kind of cardboard? Is there a small machine to make this kind of cardboard

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Great God, please help me how to fold the corrugated paper in the middle of this flat paperboard. What machine is used to make this paperboard? Is there a small machine to make this paperboard? Don’t want a large assembly line to start a business from scratch!

corrugated board is composed of two layers of hanging paper or kraft paper and corrugated core paper. The production process: heat and pressurize the corrugated core paper in the single-sided corrugating machine (pit machine) to form waves, and then apply glue on the wave tip to bond it with the inner paper and face paper. According to different purposes, there are different corrugated heights, a, C, B, e, f (4.5 ~ 1mm from high to low), corrugated, U-shaped, UV shaped, —- corrugated paper. Corrugated paper is a plate-shaped object bonded by hanging paper and corrugated paper formed by corrugated rod processing. It is generally divided into single corrugated board and double corrugated board. According to the size of corrugated, it is divided into five types: A, B, C, e and F. After being pressed into corrugated shape in the production process and made into corrugated paperboard, it will provide paperboard elasticity, flat compression strength, and affect the properties such as vertical compression strength. For corrugated paper, the paper surface shall be flat and the thickness shall be consistent, and there shall be no paper diseases such as wrinkles, cracks and holes, otherwise it will increase the broken end fault in the production process and affect the product quality. Corrugated board is made into corrugated box by die cutting, indentation, nailing box or gluing box. Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products, and its consumption has always been the first of all kinds of packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated box. [edit this paragraph] the history of corrugated board corrugated board began at the end of the 18th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, its application has increased significantly because of its light weight, low price, wide range of uses, simple manufacture, recycling and even reuse. By the beginning of the 20th century, it had been widely popularized, popularized and applied for making packaging for a variety of commodities. Because the packaging container made of corrugated board has its unique performance and advantages in beautifying and protecting the inner goods, it has achieved great success in the competition with a variety of packaging materials. So far, it has become one of the main materials for making packaging containers with long-term use and rapid development. [edit this paragraph] the composition diagram of corrugated board corrugated board is made of face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated paper processed into waveform corrugated by bonding. According to the demand of commodity packaging, corrugated board can be processed into single-sided corrugated board, three-layer corrugated board, five layer, seven layer and eleven layer corrugated board (as shown in Figure 1, figure 2 and figure 3). Single sided corrugated board is generally used as the lining protective layer of commodity packaging or to make light grids and backing plates to protect commodities from vibration or collision during storage and transportation. Three-layer and five-layer corrugated board are commonly used in making corrugated boxes. Many goods are packed with three or five layers of corrugated board. On the contrary, beautiful and colorful graphics and pictures are printed on the surface of corrugated box or corrugated box. Three layers of corrugated paper not only protects the internal goods, but also publicizes and beautifies the internal goods. At present, many corrugated boxes or cartons made of three or five layers of corrugated board have been put directly on the sales counter and become sales packaging. The seven or eleven layer corrugated board is mainly used to make packaging boxes for Electromechanical, flue-cured tobacco, furniture, motorcycles, large household appliances, etc. In specific commodities, the corrugated board can be combined into inner and outer boxes, which is convenient for production, packaging, storage and transportation of commodities. In recent years, according to the needs of environmental protection and the requirements of relevant national policies, this kind of commodity packaging made of corrugated board has the trend of gradually replacing wooden box packaging. [edit this paragraph] corrugated board’s corrugated shape and waveform shape 1. Corrugated board’s corrugated shape corrugated board with different corrugated shapes has different functions. Even if the same quality of face paper and lining paper are used, the performance of corrugated board is different due to the difference of corrugated shape. At present, there are four kinds of corrugation shapes commonly used in the world, which are A-type corrugation, C-type corrugation, B-type corrugation and E-type corrugation. Their technical indicators and requirements are shown in Table 1. The corrugated board made of type a corrugated board has good cushioning and certain elasticity, followed by type C corrugated board compared with type a corrugated board. But the stiffness and impact resistance are better than those of A-type corrugated; B-type corrugated board has large arrangement density, flat surface and high bearing pressure, which is suitable for printing; Because the E-shaped ridge is thin and dense, it shows its stiffness and strength. Table 1 height (mm) number (PCs. /300mm) A4 5~534±2C3. 5~438±2B2. 5~350±2E1. 1 ~ 296 ± 4 II. The corrugated shape constitutes the waveform of corrugated board. The corrugated shape of corrugated paper is divided into V shape, U shape and UV shape. The characteristics of V-shaped corrugated waveform are: high plane pressure resistance value, saving the amount of adhesive and corrugated base paper in use. However, the corrugated board made of corrugated with this waveform has poor cushioning, and the corrugated board is not easy to recover after being pressed or impacted to graupel. The characteristics of U-shaped corrugated wave are: large adhesive area, firm bonding and certain elasticity. When impacted by external force, it is not as fragile as V-shaped ridge, but the plane expansion pressure strength is not as strong as V-shaped ridge. According to the performance characteristics of V-shaped corrugation and U-shaped corrugation, UV shaped corrugation roller made by combining the advantages of the two has been widely used at present. The processed corrugated paper not only maintains the high pressure resistance of V-shaped corrugated, but also has the characteristics of high bonding strength and elasticity of U-shaped corrugated. At present, the corrugated roller of corrugated board production lines at home and abroad adopts this UV shaped corrugated roller. Reference: Ke/view/198178

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