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Gilding printing technology of cosmetic bottles

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How to solve the quality problem?

research scope of Cosmetic Science: cosmetic science is a comprehensive science that studies the basic theories related to cosmetics, takes fine chemical industry as the background and pharmaceutical technology as the basis, and integrates medicine, aesthetics, chemistry, cosmetics, colorology, physics, biological process, life science, pharmacy and other disciplines. 1. Look at the packaging. The cosmetics packaging is exquisite, exquisite, the box surface is bright, the color is bright, and the bronzing font is neat and clear. Most of the outer packages of fake cosmetics are printed coarsely, with incorrect color and font. 2. Look at the inner paste. The inner paste is fine, smooth, soft and pure in color. Fake cosmetics with inferior quality have rough and astringent paste and incorrect color. 3. The fragrance type is real and high-quality cosmetics. The fragrance is elegant, long, elegant and fresh, giving people relaxed and happy enjoyment. Fake cosmetics are either pungent or disgusting- 30 /- 2 Lesson 1: the difference between genuine goods, parallel goods, Hong Kong goods and licensed goods genuine goods: genuine goods may be parallel goods or licensed goods. There is no unified statement, but they must be genuine goods. Parallel goods: parallel goods are also real goods, but the purchase channels are irregular, there is no tariff, and there is no Chinese manual. For example, if you buy Lancome in a foreign country and sell it after you bring it back, it belongs to parallel goods, and the price is cheaper than that in formal channels. Imitation: it is a fake. Well made imitation cosmetics will not hurt the skin. There may be some effects, but the effect is very little. Licensed goods: genuine goods from formal channels, which have passed customs duties, national inspection and Chinese instructions. Hong Kong goods: there are two kinds of Hong Kong goods. One is brought back from regular shopping malls in Hong Kong; Another kind is made in Hong Kong, also known as Hong Kong goods. You should pay attention to its authenticity. Some high-end cosmetics have no factories in Hong Kong, so the so-called Hong Kong goods must be fake. Lesson 2: primary identification of true and false skin care cosmetics domestic opal 1. There is a distance between the bottle cap and the bottle body, while the fake bottle cap is almost completely close to the bottle body. No matter what kind of product opella’s bottle is, there is a certain distance between the bottle cap and the bottle body, while there is basically no distance between fake bottles. 2. The font on the fake bottle is slightly tilted and a little irregular. It’s very good to do it regularly. Moreover, the fake words have no concave convex feeling, while the real goods are very obvious. Japanese make-up and skin care products: Shiseido, Kose, Kanebo and SK-II general 1. Many fake goods have wrong characters, such as “tax pull”, which is only written by Chinese people, but not by Japanese. 2. There is no production date for parallel Japanese goods, and the Chinese production date will never appear for all imported Japanese goods on the package, because Japanese goods have no production date and only batch number. European and American H2O 1 If it is genuine, H2O products are generally bottled, its production date can be seen at the bottom of the bottle, but the general American code is not understood. Now let me tell you how to identify it. For example, 4220h18, the first “4” represents production in 2004! “220” stands for the 220th day of 2004. H18 is a unique code for each product of H2O. 2. The production date of toothpaste like products is at the top. Lancome 1 Most of the batch numbers of fake Lancome start with CV. 2. Lancome’s things are very delicate, lipstick, bottle and so on hard packaging lid that rose is convex, not printed up. Lancome’s unique rose fragrance is easy to distinguish, and the packaging should be exquisite. In particular, the Golden Rose logo is very exquisite, which is not like the one that can be scraped off by some sellers. Lesson 3: online shopping cosmetics, mm attention 1 If a store has an imitation, be careful or don’t buy the others at all, because if you don’t specialize in this series, it’s difficult to guarantee that it is genuine. 2. Go to a reputable grocery store, even if it is more expensive than other stores. If you think so, it’s cheaper than that in shopping malls. You can rest assured that you don’t have to doubt the authenticity of things while using them& amp; Id = 50175507 take a look at this: how to distinguish the true and false of cosmetics – a MM’s experience /distinguish the good and bad of cosmetics. A glass of clear water can deal with a lot of cosmetics on the market, which makes mm dazzling. Now I’ll teach you how to distinguish them! Just a glass of water will do it. Why use water? Because we wash our face with water every day, the molecules of water are close to those of the skin, so everything that can be dissolved by water can be absorbed by the skin. Take the usual foundation or lotion and put it in the water and observe its reaction. Generally, there are three situations: sticking to the edge of the cup, floating on the water and sinking at the bottom of the cup. These three cases illustrate the components contained. What sticks to the edge of the cup is animal oil. It’s extracted from animals. Let’s think about which cosmetics factory has an animal slaughterhouse next to it? No, after killing the animals in the slaughterhouse, pile the bones and fur aside, wait until you save enough, and then drag them to the cosmetics factory. Who knows how long they have been piled up. If it’s summer, will those things deteriorate and rot? We will vomit and diarrhea after eating bad things, and the same is true for our skin. Cosmetics made with bad things will produce allergies. Manufacturers know that they will be allergic, so soothing agents and desensitizing agents will be added in the manufacturing process. Soothing agent is an anesthetic for immune nerves. It will feel good at first, but it won’t work for a long time. Beauticians know that cosmetics of the same brand are used

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