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Geely vision car, how to see the production date and what should be paid attention to when buying a new car?

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First: how to look at the production date

1. The production date is the factory date. There is a VIN code under the front windshield of the car. The tenth digit of the VIN code is the production date of the car. The VIN code of each car is different, but the production date can be found. If the tenth digit is 5, it means it was produced in 2005. If it is a, it means it was produced in 10 years, and B is produced in 11 years, and so on

2. Nameplate of engine compartment. In the engine compartment, there are generally Aluminum Automobile nameplates, which indicate the vehicle number, engine displacement, model, brand, etc., as well as important specific production date. Most of the style nameplates on the market are in the cabin, and some models are on the side of the front passenger door


Second: precautions for car purchase

first, car viewing:
1. I’m God. I’m here to buy a car. Don’t appear very polite, which makes the seller feel easy to cheat and bully
2. Pay attention to adding engine guard when bargaining before buying the car. Give it away if you can ask for it, and buy it if you don’t pay for it
3. It’s required to see the existing truck. It’s best to order it, but it hasn’t been driven yet. Only in this way can we see the reputation of the seller and the quality of the car ordered
4. Test drive: the car is not for viewing, but for running. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out a test drive before making a decision. First start the car, adjust the left and right rear-view mirrors, fasten the safety belt, feel flexible and stable after starting on the road, loosen the steering wheel at medium and low speed, and it is normal to deviate from the original driving direction by no more than 5 meters within 500 meters. The manual gear is easy without obscurity, and the automatic gear is normal without obvious impact. Deliberately look for uneven roads to drive, and there is no abnormal noise in the car. After turning, the steering wheel will return to alignment automatically. The accelerator of the new car is a little slow, but it should be slow. Turn on the air-conditioning compressor, the throttle does not significantly increase the burden, and you should feel the coolness of the air outlet within 10 seconds

2. Buy a car:
1. Remember to copy down the engine number of the ordered car before buying a spot car for the deposit, and be careful that the seller changes the car with a new car (test drive)
2. When buying a car, the delivery date (applicable to the ordered car) and body color shall be indicated in the contract or additional agreement. If it is required to send accessories, the brand, model and quantity shall also be indicated on it

III. pick up the car:
1. When picking up the car, pay attention to the mileage reading of the odometer: generally 8-10 kilometers. Check whether there are sundries on the radiator of the water tank, whether the seat protection packaging and plastic paper at the front of the car are complete, and whether there are dirt on the passenger seat and instrument in the car
2. When ordering a truck, pay attention to whether the delivery date is too long from the delivery date. If the time is too long, the car may be a display car (placed in the exhibition hall for guests to exhibit) or a new car (test drive)
3. When collecting the car, remember to ask for the production date and transportation date, and compare the vehicles in detail
4. After buying the car, hand it over to the 4S store for licensing and various procedures. Remember to copy the odometer and don’t let the salesperson drive all over the street
5. Look at the appearance: when selecting a new car, you can require two cars of the same model. Pay attention to body gaps and paint finish. Such observation is skillful. You can focus on the gap between the bumper and the body, the gap between the door and the front and rear bumpers, and open the door to observe whether there is no color difference in the internal and external paint. For paint surface, the requirements for external light conditions are relatively high. The best observation light is sunlight, and nothing can be covered up. If you choose a car in the exhibition hall, you can observe it obliquely in the direction of sunlight, which can also have the same effect. The qualified paint surface shall be flat and free of orange peel ripple defects, and there shall be no color difference in vulnerable parts such as bumper and body, outer door edge, left and right rear-view mirrors. For metallic paint and pearlescent paint, it can also be judged by observing the uniformity of aluminum powder or mica particles in the paint. After the above procedure, the appearance of the car is qualified
6. Look at the mechanical part: first of all, of course, look at the engine. The engine that works well should have no oil stains on its appearance, rapid and sensitive response at start-up, smooth operation without shaking, smooth sound, and no sharp noise or noise of non fixed frequency. The idle speed is slightly higher when the car is cold. Look at the tachometer for about 1000 revolutions. After the water temperature rises, the idle speed drops to about 780 rpm. At this time, refuel gently and feel that it should respond quickly without explosion or looseness. Touch the engine cover with your hand without obvious vibration. When you sit in the car, you can hardly hear the working noise of the engine. If you have no idea about the above aspects, you can also make a horizontal comparison between two engines running at the same time, which is also a good way. The oil filling part of the engine should be clean and free of oil stains. Even if there are no obvious oil stains, the situation with sticky dust is the same, because only the sticky part will stick dust. For other mechanical parts, this method can also be used to assist judgment. Check the liquid level of the engine’s three oils and two fluids (three oils: engine oil, brake oil, direction booster oil. Two fluids: coolant and windshield washer fluid), and then check the battery. The new car can know the status of the battery by observing the battery status indication. If it is a green indication, it means that the battery is in good condition and has sufficient storage. If it is black or white, it means that the storage is insufficient or even damaged. It is best to charge it as soon as possible
7. Look at the ground: after looking at the engine, you may as well look down at the ground under the vehicle after running for a period of time. Look at the signs of anhydrous oil stains, which is still helpful to judge some hidden faults. Under normal circumstances, there should be no water and oil leakage in other parts except for water dripping from the exhaust pipe
8. Look at tires: normal new car tires should have no damage to the sidewall, especially the front sidewall. The tread has no nailing marks, and the front and rear tire hairs are the best. At least the rear tire hairs should be visible. If the four wheels are smooth, there is no half of the hairs, and the local road surface is not bad, you should think twice
9. Look at the door: qualified doors should be opened and closed evenly without abnormal noise. The sealing rubber is intact, the obvious sealing effect can be felt when closing the door, and the door will be closed by a force similar to suction in the last stroke. The paint on the lower edge of the door frame is intact. If it is worn or dirty, it is necessary to consider whether the storage condition of the car is ideal. The electric glass is designed with four door anti pinch
10. Look at the interior: there’s nothing else about the interior. Cleanliness comes first. The interior should be clean, especially the parts that are easy to be dirty, such as the inner handle and around the interior lamp. The electric part or mechanical part shall be light and flexible without noise. The floor of the carriage is clean without water stains. Check the interior lights, which should work normally and in good condition. Remove the white cover of seat packaging on site and check whether the original leather seat cover is damaged. The easily damaged parts such as water cup holder and glasses box cover should be tried for a few times to ensure that the function is intact. Of course, there are many other precautions, which will not be explained one by one here

IV. payment
if you collect the car in cash, all you need is to bring your ID card and the purchase money. The procedure is relatively simple. If you want to “enjoy today’s life with tomorrow’s money” loan to buy a car, you also need to go through relevant procedures in advance
the general process of handling auto loan: consulting → deciding to buy → preparing materials and filling in forms → submitting materials → preliminary review → submitting to the bank for review and approval → paying the down payment → selecting the car → signing the car purchase contract → collecting the car → handling relevant procedures → driving home → monthly repayment
● note: the bank lending to you will also review your situation. The approved loan is generally handled in about a week. After you have handled the loan, you can go to the dealer to buy your own car. Except for the loan, the other process of buying a car with full payment is the same as that of buying a car with loan

v. “deposit” and “deposit”

if the dealer of the model you purchased has a car in stock, you can drive away after completing all procedures. However, if you buy some popular models, the dealer does not have any cars in stock, and you often need to make a reservation. It is usually necessary to sign a letter of intent with the dealer and pay a certain amount of deposit (or deposit). Then, the dealer will book the model from the automobile manufacturer and arrange the delivery time according to the customer’s purchase number. Due to different models, it can reach several months in a few days or more
here you should note that “deposit” and “deposit” are two distinct concepts
if you pay a “deposit” when signing the letter of intent to purchase a car with the dealer, it means that the model you ordered cannot be replaced or returned. Because the manufacturer adopts the real name car purchase system for order management, it is stipulated that only “one single car” can be used, and the name of the buyer cannot be changed
if you are still hesitant about the choice of models, you’d better pay a part of the “deposit” first. In order to prevent problems, the corresponding supplementary agreement shall be included in the contract in writing. At present, the deposit is not clearly stipulated in the law, which can be generally understood as “advance payment”. When one party breaches the contract, if both parties have an agreement, it shall be implemented in accordance with the agreement; If there is no agreement, the operator shall unconditionally refund in case of breach of contract

VI. Eight Tips for wage earners to buy cars

loan consumption does not mean ahead of consumption, but a financial management method designed for different people. First of all, it is based on its own strength. Otherwise, in the end, it will not only overdraw money but also overdraw reputation, which will be hopeless
(1) the price of the vehicle should not exceed the family income for two years
(2) don’t compare yourself when buying a car, because money is limited and good cars are unlimited
(3) the powerful engine is useless in the urban area of any big city at this stage
(4) if it is not a mature model, the new model should be bought slowly
(5) when buying a car, families must consider space
(6) useless functions and fancy facilities will only increase the cost and the probability of failure
(7) at any time, the freshness of the car will not exceed three months
(8) purchasing vehicles that have just been reduced in price will relatively reduce losses

open the right front door and you will see the nameplate, which includes the production date, displacement, engine model and frame number. When collecting the car, pay attention to checking the tools and data on the car

listen carefully to the engine. You can open the front cover and use a screwdriver to push one end against the engine and the other end against your ear. Listen carefully to the internal sound of the engine. It’s better to be careful when picking up such fine and expensive things as the car. The more serious you are, the more the dealer dare not be careless. It’s best to take the stethoscope to pick up the car. Wrap a towel on the head of the stethoscope and listen on all sides of the engine. In this way, you can hear the noise inside the engine, such as ring sound, cylinder knocking, valve ticking, etc. A good engine has only one kind of “snoring” sound, and there will be no other noise. First, listen to the sound of idle speed. It should be stable and continuous. There should be no metal knocking and other abnormal noises. It should be clear and free of noise. Cars with good quality should only hear very small noise, and the noise should not be harsh. After starting for a short period of time, the engine tachometer should be maintained within a certain value range (about 800-1200 revolutions), and the pointer should be very stable. After a period of time, you should also check that the water temperature gauge (about 70-90 ℃) and oil temperature gauge display normally. After the car is hot (after the water temperature is normal), look at the dynamic balance of the engine and feel it with your palm on the engine casing

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