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Formula for briquette hair making?

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Looking for a detailed formula of briquette making hair? Mainly the agent of sticky coal? What is it? How? How many other substances should be added to the pulverized coal at least? Urgent… There is a big reward!

raw coal 20%, slag 30%, clay 35%, water 15%

briquette production formula is raw coal 20%, slag 30%, clay 35%, water 15%, which needs to be made by briquette machine. If not, you need to find cinders and loess with a little water. Take the seeds and produce them evenly. After drying, you can use them


in addition, due to the particularity of the materials handled by the fly ash ball mill, the lining plate made of high manganese steel, alloy steel and other materials shall not be selected as far as possible, so as not to allow the iron filings falling from the lining plate wear into the materials during the grinding process

extended data:

for the lining plate of fly ash ball mill, it is best to choose rubber lining plate or lining plate made of ceramics, silica and other materials, which can effectively avoid the mixing of iron filings. Fly ash ball mill can be divided into dry fly ash ball mill and wet fly ash ball mill

which one to choose needs to be distinguished according to the use of subsequent products. When the prepared product is iron powder, it needs to use dry fly ash ball mill. If further processes such as magnetic separation and flotation are needed in the follow-up, wet fly ash ball mill can be selected for dehydration treatment after separation

in addition, the models of large-scale fly ash ball mill include four types with cylinder diameters of 3.2m, 3.6m, 4m and 4.5m. Each cylinder diameter is divided into different models according to the length of the cylinder, so we should pay attention to it when purchasing

the following technologies include the cost of teaching materials, each of which is 780 yuan. The materials are detailed, the operation steps are clear, and the formula is accurate (there is no formula for the technology transferred by some units). The society is guaranteed, and the technical support is 0371-60960616. 2418001a – straw coal making, straw coal technology transfer: straw, wheat straw, sawdust, tree branches and other raw materials are used without dryer, crusher and rod making machine. Raw materials, regardless of size, dry and wet, regardless of site size (without ground hardening), can be formed into coal with only two-phase power supply and a little additives (available locally). The production scale is determined by ourselves. The raw material of straw is 100 yuan /ton, and 1.25 tons of straw produce one ton of coal. The cost of producing a ton of straw coal = raw material (125 yuan) + labor (40 yuan) + electricity (5 yuan) + others (30 yuan) = 200 yuan. Calculated according to the market price of 450 yuan per ton of raw coal, the profit of each ton of straw coal is 250 yuan. The output of straw coal can be large or small, and the quality is good. The calorific value of each ton of straw coal is equivalent to 1.1 tons of high-quality coal. This new fuel can be widely used in production and life. If straw coal is made into honeycomb briquette and various types of briquettes, the profit will be greater. Straw coal products are of high quality and low price. Compared with ordinary coal, they are flammable, smokeless, odorless, fully burned, powerful and high calorific value, which can be verified on the spot. The huge profit space will set off a new round of prosperity frenzy, and there will be a number of prosperity pioneers in the new socialist countryside. ● market prospect: at present, the price of coal in China has been rising, and the social demand for coal is also increasing. At the same time, a large number of agricultural wastes (straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, core, cotton stalk, rice husk, sawdust, weeds, branches, etc.) are wasted in rural areas. At present, our country is making efforts to build an energy-saving society, and the prospect of environmental protection projects is very promising. The straw carbon making equipment produced by our company can be put into operation for only 200 yuan. So that you can recover your investment in the shortest time, so that you can learn all the technology in a few minutes, so that you can enjoy the best after-sales service and technical support, so that you can buy additives in the nearest place. Our production process complies with relevant national standards and does not produce wastewater and waste residue in the whole production process. The carbon produced is highly praised by the market for its smokeless, non-toxic, high heat and long combustion time. ● advantages of this carbon production equipment: 1 Less investment and no other auxiliary equipment 2 There are no requirements for the humidity, volume and size of raw materials.   3. It covers a small area and can be produced in a few square meters.   4. The cost is low. It only needs one ton of raw materials for each ton of carbon, and only a few yuan per ton of additives. The cost of straw coal is 100 ~ 200 yuan /ton, while the cost of ordinary coal is 600 yuan /ton.   5. The coal forming cycle is short, and the coalification can be completed in 8-10 hours.   6. The product quality is high. The heat of straw coal is much higher than that of ordinary coal, and its heat can reach about 5000 kcal. At the same time, straw coal also has the characteristics that it is not suitable for gas poisoning. It is the duty of every citizen to build a new socialist countryside and optimize the environment. The straw and other wastes in various villages will undoubtedly be the main problem affecting the rural environment. However, if an enterprise in each village invests in the project, it will not only create its own economic value, but also make due contributions to the environmental protection of the village and the whole society. 2418001 – high efficiency, energy saving and fast coal burning: I. Introduction: ordinary honeycomb briquette, general industrial coal and anthracite generally have the disadvantages of insufficient combustion, slow fire and weak fire power, which brings a lot of inconvenience to people’s life. In addition, the pungent odors such as CO and SO2 emitted during combustion are not only harmful to human health, but also easy to corrode cookers. In view of this market demand, the scientific researchers of the energy research center of the company have successfully developed the production technology of “high efficiency, energy saving and fast coal burning” by referring to foreign advanced technology and a large number of documents. After many tests, it has the advantages of low cost, non-toxic, high efficiency desulfurization and high thermal efficiency, and has opened up a new way in saving energy, reducing consumption and protecting the environment. 2、 Main features: as we all know, the traditional honeycomb briquette can only add 200-300kg of clay per ton of coal. With this technology, the amount of clay can be increased to 500-1000KG, and has the following characteristics: 1. Improve the energy utilization rate of industrial coal and low-quality coal. Even for low-quality coal, the combustion effect is greatly improved after adding some chemical raw materials, and the combustion is more complete; 2. The whole piece can be clamped out of the furnace without slag scattering; 3. It can prolong the combustion time, improve the thermal efficiency by more than 15% and save about 30% of coal; 4. Fast ignition, fresh coal into the furnace for 5-10 minutes, blue flame up to several centimeters; 5. The fire lasted for hours. Keep the fire closed for 10 hours; 6. It is smokeless and tasteless, eliminates sulfur odor and part of gas smell, has good environmental protection effect and low cost. Only chemical raw materials worth 3-5 yuan per ton of honeycomb briquette (available in county-level cities). The investment of this project is small. 3、 Cost and benefit analysis: traditional honeycomb briquette: 100mm for each coal × 70mm (weight: 0.7kg), 20% – 30% (i.e. 200kg-300kg) of soil is added to each ton of coal, and the middle value is added to 250kg, which can produce about 1800 briquettes. After adopting the new technology, 50% – 100% (i.e. 500kg-1000kg) of soil can be added per ton of coal. The amount of soil added varies according to the quality of coal. Calculated according to the middle value of 600kg soil, about 2300 pieces of coal can be produced. Profit of traditional honeycomb briquette: 1800 yuan × 0.14 yuan – 240 yuan – 1.5 yuan = 10.50 yuan (based on 240 yuan /ton of coal, 6 yuan /ton of soil, 1.50 yuan for 250kg of soil, and the sales price is 0.14 yuan per piece). Profit of new energy-saving coal: 2300 yuan × 0.14 yuan – 240 yuan – 3.6 yuan – 4 = 74.40 yuan (similarly, the coal price is 240 yuan /ton, the soil price is 6 yuan /ton, the 600 kg soil is 3.6 yuan, and the sales price is 0.14 yuan per piece, minus 4 yuan of chemical raw materials. To sum up, the profit of 1 ton of honeycomb briquette produced by the traditional method is 10.50 yuan, while the profit of the new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving coal is 74.40 yuan. Using this technology to produce a ton of high-efficiency and energy-saving coal can increase the profit of tens of hundreds of yuan. 2418002 – change the inferior coal into A new process for making high-quality coal: the inferior coal with low calorific value and difficult to catch fire is added with the combustion supporting inflammable agent composed of nitrate, lime and sawdust to become high-quality coal with high calorific value and easy to catch fire; Or one or more kinds of coal gangue, industrial slag, chimney ash and fly ash with very low calorific value are mixed with raw coal to make high-quality synthetic coal, which effectively improves the utilization rate of coal, expands the application range of low-quality coal, and opens up a new way for the treatment and utilization of waste residue. The invention has the advantages of easy material extraction, reasonable ratio, simple manufacture and low cost, and is a new technology that can save energy and improve environmental pollution. 2418003 – high thermal efficiency and environment-friendly coal combustion and its production method: it solves the problem of coal dust and sulfur dioxide emission amplification, improves thermal efficiency, and makes better use of inferior coal. The coal-fired raw material of the invention is easy to obtain, the production process is simple, there is no need to invest in equipment or technical transformation, the product cost is low, energy saving and environmental protection, and is suitable for industrial and civil fields. 2418004 – Method of transforming coal gangue into coal by pressurization and heating: mainly solve the problem of utilization of coal gangue. The main technical scheme is as follows: (1) the coal gangue is crushed into small pieces and put into the special reformer. The filling amount of coal gangue accounts for 80% to 90% of the inner cavity volume of the special reformer; (2) Fill the special reformer with high-pressure nitrogen at a pressure of 50 atmospheres; (3) Heat the coal gangue at 100 ℃ to 200 ℃ for 48 hours; (4) When it is cooled to the appropriate temperature, it is discharged. It not only saves mineral resources and improves the utilization rate of mineral resources, but also is conducive to environmental protection. It is especially suitable for the treatment of coal gangue in the mining area. 2418005 coal water slurry preparation process: the process flow includes drying, magnetic separation, crushing, collection, activation, mixing, homogenization and slurry storage. The crushing process adopts a pulverizer with blade, grinding roller and guide rail and assembled in the same chamber with the air separator. The mixing process adopts a mixer with double transmission shaft, a mixing tank with mixer and a colloid mill with high shear force, A safety explosion-proof device is set on the pulverizer and cyclone collector. The process has the advantages of simple equipment structure, safety and reliability, low noise and no dust pollution. It can improve product quality and environmental conditions. 2418006 – widely used in coal burning of all kinds of raw coal: high efficiency coal saving products. The coal burning element is dissolved by the reaction of animal and plant waste oil, methanol, ammonium bicarbonate and petroleum asphalt, saturated with water such as red phosphorus and calcium carbonate, ground into 120 mesh, air dried, put into plastic bags, and packaged in woven bags to form a clean white chemical product. When the coal-fired element is used, it only needs to be dissolved in clean water containing 5% sodium chloride, and then sprinkled in raw coal. 2418007 filter sludge coal combustion: relates to a solid fuel containing filter sludge components. It is composed of the following components (weight percentage): raw coal, filter mud, combustion supporting catalyst 0.5 ~ 1.0%, activator 0.1 ~ 0.5%. The so #- [2] reaction between alkali metal oxides contained in filter mud and so #- [2] released during coal combustion is used to achieve desulfurization, which effectively solves the problem of so #- [2] polluting the environment from the source. The carbon organic matter contained in the filter mud is used to increase its combustible substances and make full use of resources. Comprehensive utilization is excellent. It can meet the use of various conventional boilers. 2418008 – Method of long-distance pipeline conveying high viscous slime: including all or part of the following processes: crushing of slime → conveying of slime → mixing and temporary storage of slime → positive pressure feeding of slime → pumping of slime by piston pump → slag removal → switching of conveying pipeline → conveying of slime through pipeline → diversion of slime → branch pipe conveying → boiler feeding → pipeline cleaning 。 The method adopts a high-pressure piston pump driven by hydraulic pressure to transport coal slime through a pipeline. The utility model has the advantages of large conveying pressure, long conveying distance, large range of coal slime concentration that can be transported, stepless and real-time adjustment of conveying capacity locally or remotely according to the requirements of the boiler, and communication with relevant equipment

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