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Express packaging problem?

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Hello, I used to be a courier and a postal agent. I can answer your question

postal: pack it in a box before you go. Don’t seal it. They will open it when they arrive at the postal service. Then they provide tape. After checking, you can seal the box. Postal services also have bags and boxes. The specific amount depends on the size. If you have them, don’t use them. Public things are expensive

express: find the express phone number on the Internet and tell them your location, and then they will give you a phone number of the salesman in your area. They will pick up the parts on the door. The packaging bags and boxes will not be provided to you. Don’t give them the things and ask them to go back for packaging. You may lose things because you are not a long-term customer. Maybe you send them this time, He won’t ask for trouble to pack for you,

No Box: don’t you have a box for electrical appliances in your own home? If it’s a small box, the beverage box is OK. If it’s really not available, go to the nearby supermarket and give him 2 yuan and 3 yuan to buy a loaded box. If you often buy things in the supermarket, you may not want your money

pure manual typing, hope to adopt

remarks: Postal Service:
advantages: there is no place that postal service can’t reach
disadvantages: slow speed, high price and poor service. You may bully farmers when you arrive in the countryside, don’t understand, and let you get it yourself

advantages: cheap price and fast speed. Generally, it’s 2-3 kilograms faster in the province, Disadvantages: there are places where express delivery can’t reach, generally less than in rural areas, and not necessarily in some cities. Please check the website for details,


generally, there is no charge for small items. Express companies help you pack them. They have special small packaging bags. You just need to go downstairs and fill out the form and give the money. The list indicates what the contents are
it’s hard to tell for large items. Some express delivery companies have too many packaging materials and won’t charge money
if there are articles with packaging problems, they may ask you to charge packaging fees. If they charge packaging fees, they will be responsible for the damage of the articles
if you pack a large item that is difficult to pack, you don’t want express to help charge for packaging. They will only charge the express fee and send it according to your packaging. But they will not be responsible for the loss of goods.

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