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Does the liquid filling machine only have filling function?

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some liquid filling machines only have the filling function, that is, filling the liquid from the filling head into the bottle. Such machines can be used together with the capping machine, which can also realize the full automation of liquid packaging

however, with the development of the times, the technology of liquid filling machine has also made continuous progress. The liquid filling machines manufactured by some manufacturers have realized the integration of filling and capping functions, which is more convenient for the manufacturers producing liquid. See the following figure for the specific machines

the liquid filling machine has the functions of filling and capping. According to the needs of customers, it can provide bottle management machine and bottle supply machine. Generally, the filling machine only has the filling function. The configuration required by customers can be communicated with the manufacturer. It is not necessarily called liquid filling machine, but only has the filling function. Some manufacturers have different names!


the simple liquid filling machine only has the filling function, that is, fill your materials into your container, and you can use the sealing machine to complete the subsequent sealing; For small doses of products such as oral liquid, eye drops and alcohol, our liquid filling and capping machine can complete the two processes of filling and sealing at one time without supporting the sealing machine, which is convenient, simple and fast.

not necessarily. For example, semi-automatic ones are only responsible for the filling function, but for Xilin bottle filling machines, the filling machine, capping and sealing can be solved at one time.

some liquid filling machines only have the function of filling and metering, and some are integrated with filling and capping. Oral liquid is usually filled and sealed as a whole.

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