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Does the inability of iPhone 7 to scan QR code have anything to do with the broken rear camera glass?

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What’s the reason why the iPhone 7 can’t scan the QR code from the shadow? Is it related to the outer glass of my rear camera? I took it off after the glass broke!

this is related to the glass of the rear camera. If the glass is broken, it will affect the grain of the QR code during scanning, resulting in failure of scanning

QR code, also known as QR code, is a super popular coding method on mobile devices in recent years. It can store more information and represent more data types than the traditional bar code bar code


two dimensional bar code /two-dimensional code (2-bar code) records data symbol information with black-and-white graphics distributed on the plane (two-dimensional direction) according to a certain law with a specific geometric figure

in coding, the concepts of “0” and “1” bit streams, which constitute the internal logic basis of the computer, are cleverly used. Several geometric shapes corresponding to binary are used to represent text numerical information, which can be automatically read by image input equipment or photoelectric scanning equipment to realize automatic information processing

about 500

iphone7 and iphone7 plus. The iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches and the iPhone 7 plus is 5.5 inches. There are five colors available, black, bright black, gold, silver and rose gold. Black and bright black are brand new colors

compared with the previous generation iPhone, the new iPhone has not changed much in appearance, but the “antenna” is missing; In terms of performance, both iphone7 and iphone7 plus have added waterproof and dustproof functions

the storage capacity of the new generation iPhone has also been improved and the 16g model has been cancelled. The minimum storage capacity of iphone7 and iphone7 plus is 32g, and the other two are 128G and 256g. Among them, the bright black iPhone is only available for 128G and 256g models

another change is that the iPhone’s home key is no longer a mechanical keyboard, but a force sensing key, which can sense pressure, provide tactile feedback and have higher responsiveness

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