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Different packaging of Chanel perfume

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I want to know what the difference between Chanel perfume purchased in Dubai and domestic packaging is mainly Miss coco 50ml. Thank you for your detailed information.
If the perfume of

Chanel is different, only the production place, Chanel’s perfume is divided into American products and French products. Dubai usually sells French products and has all the products in the country. The packaging looks the same. The perfume sold in China sells a silver Chinese label on the plastic seal, and it is the same after the plastic tear.

perfume packaging is the same, but the domestic packaging has Chinese, not abroad, mostly in English.

packaging is not the same. Whether you are in Dubai or Europe, or the United States or China, you get the same perfume packaging.


1. Packaging material and packaging font clarity
2. See the logo and name of Chanel
3. The most important thing is whether the sales location is a formal channel. Those who want to buy Chanel can’t care about the money.!

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