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Classification of packaging automation

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packaging automation can be divided into liquid packaging automation and solid packaging automation according to the form of packaged goods
liquid packaging automation
includes the packaging automation of liquid substances with certain viscosity in various beverages, liquid condiments, daily chemicals and drugs. The packaging of this kind of products mostly adopts the container filling method, which needs several main processes, such as container cleaning (or container manufacturing), metering filling, sealing and labeling. For example, the automatic beer packaging production line consists of five main machines: bottle washing, filling, capping, sterilization and labeling, which are arranged according to the process flow, controlled by a single machine, and connected with a flexible conveyor chain in the middle to coordinate the production beat. Because beer is a kind of gas containing beverage, it is filled by isobaric method and measured by liquid level method. The whole machine is of rotary type, which is controlled by the mechanical transmission system and operates synchronously. The program control system is composed of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic integrated technology. The liquid level of the annular wine jar is automatically adjusted by closed-loop medium pressure sensing. The filling process adopts mechanical open-loop automatic control. The fault detection adopts electromechanical interlocking control, automatic shutdown and manual troubleshooting. All lubrication, cleaning and compressed air systems are operated centrally
solid packaging automation
includes the packaging automation of powder particles (there is no individual orientation requirement during packaging), particles and single pieces (there are orientation and posture requirements during packaging). Modern advanced plastic packaging technology has been widely used. Plastic and composite packaging generally go through several main processes, such as measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and so on. Most of the actuators are operated by the mechanical transmission system, and the parameters are controlled and synchronously adjusted by the closed-loop program control system. The vertical bag making, filling and sealing multifunctional packaging machine controls the up and down movement of the correction roller through the photoelectric device to detect and identify the mark, so as to ensure the accurate positioning of the printed pattern on the packaging material. Horizontal blister thermoforming packaging machine is used for directional arrangement collective packaging. Centralized operation and automatic control of vibration feeding, vacuum blistering, far-infrared heating, mechanical blanking, etc

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