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Cigarette packaging precautions?

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What should I pay attention to in cigarette packaging? (national requirements!)

these Provisions are formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions and requirements of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on tobacco control, the product quality law of the people’s Republic of China and the tobacco monopoly law of the people’s Republic of China

Article 1 These Provisions are applicable to the packaging and marking of all non export cigarettes and foreign imported cigarettes produced in China

Article 2 misleading language, such as “health care”, “curative effect”, “safety”, “environmental protection”, “low harm” and other efficacy statements of cigarette ingredients, is prohibited on the cigarette package and in the attached instructions; “Light flavor”, “super light flavor”, “soft” and other cigarette quality description terms; “Low tar”, “low tar”, “low tar content” and other descriptive terms

Article 3 standardized Chinese characters and printed health warnings in English of the people’s Republic of China shall be used on cigarette packages. The warning message is divided into two groups:

group I: smoking is harmful to your health

quitting smoking reduces health risk


group II: smoking is harmful to your health

quitting smoking e Early is good for your health

Article 4 health warnings must be used in rotation. For cigarettes of the same brand, the same specification, the same package and the same bar code in the market circulation link, their strips and boxes should use two groups of different health warning signs in turn or at the same time every year. When they are used at the same time, it is not required that the strips and boxes should correspond one by one

Article 5 health warnings shall be located on the front and back of cigarette strips and boxes. Chinese warnings shall be used on the front and corresponding English warnings shall be used on the back. The area occupied by the warning area shall not be less than 30% of its surface, and the background color (pattern) of the original trademark can be used

Article 6 the health warning of box packaging shall be located at the lower part of its face, and the health warning of strip packaging shall be located at the right side of its face

Article 7 health warnings should be clear, clear, eye-catching and easy to identify. The Chinese font shall be in bold, and the English font shall be in Arial narrow. The height of the Chinese font shall not be less than 2.0mm, and the English font shall not be greater than the corresponding Chinese characters. The color adopts the color group that is different from the background color of the warning area.

Article 8 cigarette packages shall be marked with information on smoke components and releases such as tar content, nicotine content and carbon monoxide content in smoke in accordance with national standards, and the height of Chinese characters shall not be less than 2.0mm. Other marks of cigarette strips and boxes shall also meet the relevant requirements of national standards

Article 9 these Provisions shall enter into force as of January 1, 2009 and shall be interpreted by the state tobacco monopoly administration and the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine

the area of the health warning slogan shall not be less than one third of the total packaging area, and the tar content, carbon dioxide content, etc. must also be indicated

tar, carbon dioxide, production address

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