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Chinese characters, noodles, chopsticks, paper and printing are all invented by China. Is there any invention in Japan that can compete with it

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was discovered and applied for a patent by Japan weizhisu company in 1909. The appearance of pure monosodium glutamate is a white crystalline powder. When monosodium glutamate is dissolved in water (or saliva), it will quickly ionize into free sodium ions and glutamate ions (glutamate ions are anions of glutamate, which is a natural amino acid)

electric rice cooker

after Japan’s defeat, some factories of Mitsubishi, a military fire merchant, switched to civilian products. In the late 1940s, Mitsubishi developed the first electric rice cooker. Before Christmas in 1956, Toshiba trial produced 700 electric rice cookers with the so-called “timing function”

K-line chart

originated from the rice market transaction in the era of Tokugawa shogunate in Japan in the 18th century. It is used to calculate the daily rise and fall of rice prices. Because of its unique drawing method, it has been introduced into the analysis of stock market price trend. After more than 300 years of development, it has been widely used in stock, futures, foreign exchange, options and other securities markets

instant noodles

when you have no money to buy covered rice, or when you have no place to buy covered rice during the Spring Festival transportation, or when you are hungry watching the ball late at night, we think of our old friend instant noodles. Yes, instant noodles can be seen everywhere now. They are convenient, cheap and keep for a long time. A cup of boiled water can solve the problem of hunger. It is really a necessary good product for home and travel. Speaking of instant noodles, it has some history. As early as 1958, a Japanese named “Ando Baifu” sold the first bag of instant noodles on earth: chicken soup ramen. Instant noodles gradually became known to people. Later, with the continuous change of people’s taste, various kinds of instant noodles also became popular, including separately packaged seasoning, cup, non fried and so on. Although instant noodles are convenient, eating them for a long time is certainly not the best choice, so many doctors and nutritionists have come out to criticize the bad of instant noodles, but so far, no one has found strong evidence. But in any case, instant noodles have more or less changed people’s way of life. At least, it gives people a choice when they are hungry. PS: the invention of instant noodles is Japan’s indelible contribution to the world ~



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