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Can the CD-ROM not be used after being put in the packaging bag for a long time

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if it is placed improperly, it may be unusable

here are some common knowledge about saving discs:

to avoid disc deformation, the main
is to start with disc storage. First of all, we should choose a suitable “home” for the disc. This “home” can be a single CD case, a CD case, a CD book or a CD case. The outer surface of the product must be tough, able to resist the impact of the outside world and effectively prevent the extrusion of hard objects. At the same time, for disks that have not been used for many years, it is best to rotate them every few months, and it is best to play them or read them
once to check whether the disks are read normally. For disks with abnormalities, they should be backed up in time to ensure the safety of data

in addition, when storing the disc, you must avoid placing it in a place with high temperature to avoid disc deformation. It should be noted that for disks that need to be marked, it is best not to write directly with an oily pen or stick a small note on them
although this will not directly lead to the deformation of the disc, it will lead to irregular rotation and poor balance during the reading process. Long term use of this method will also lead to the later deformation of the disc

in addition to the above situations, the correct method should also be adopted when extracting the disc. It is not allowed to touch the disc surface directly by hand, or squeeze and bend the disc

disc dye layer damage

the so-called disc dye layer,
is actually made of many kinds of chemical substances mixed with metal elements, which is unstable. External chemicals can easily damage the dye layer and lead to data damage. Strong light irradiation and high temperature storage environment
may lead to chemical reaction and damage of dye layer substances. Too humid environment is easy to make the dye layer of the optical disc damp and deteriorate, and mildewy spots in serious cases


it is necessary to choose a dry and dark place to save the disc. This is the most fundamental way to avoid the influence of light and humidity on the disc. In addition, do not contact the disc with chemical solution, so as to avoid chemical reaction and direct damage to the disc

another point is to pay special attention to
meaning. Do not use an oily pen to write a logo directly on the disc. Although this can make the disc look more organized and easier to manage, it also brings many adverse consequences. In addition to the above-mentioned irregular rotation of the disc, the ink in the oily pen will slowly penetrate into the dye layer of the disc over time, resulting in permanent damage to the disc. The correct method is to give up the practice of directly marking the
number on the disc with a pen or a piece of paper, and instead mark the disc on the disc case. When the disc has dirt and needs to be cleaned, choose a soft cloth (preferably lens paper or special cloth) to wipe it from the inside to the outside

summary: the daily living environment has a great impact on the service life of the disc, so try to give the disc a stable, dry and dark environment. These three points are the most important. In addition, if you want to protect data better, you should choose disks with better workmanship and quality. Even in the same bad environment, good disks will be more “strong”.


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