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Can metered packaging be sold as quantitative packaging

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according to laws and regulations, your practice lacks process. Here are some concepts of quantitatively packaged goods. I hope they can help you ~
1. What is quantitatively packaged goods
all prepackaged goods for the purpose of sales, closely related to the interests of consumers and with unified quality, volume and length labels within a certain quantity limit are quantitatively packaged goods. This provision cannot be applied to drugs, electrical appliances and other commodities
2. What should be marked on the outer package of quantitative goods
the net content should be correctly and clearly marked in a prominent position on the outer package of quantitative goods, that is, the actual quality of the contents after removing the packaging container and other packaging materials. At the same time, multiple packaged commodities shall be marked with the net content and total number of single quantitatively packaged commodities, or the total net content and total number of packages, and supporting commodities shall be marked with the net content of various types of commodities. If its weight is accurate enough and it passes the test by a special measuring organization, a mark of qualified measurement will be drawn
3. How many “two” can quantitatively packaged goods be reduced
according to the provisions on measurement supervision of quantitatively packed commodities, the nominal net content of commodities with a nominal net content of 50-100g (ML) shall not be less than 4.5g (ML) of the actual quantity; 200-300g (ML), not less than 9g (ML); 500 (ML) – 1kg (L), not less than 15g (ML); 10kg-15kg (L), not less than 150g (ML)
4. How to punish businesses and enterprises that operate and produce quantitatively packaged goods in violation of regulations
if the production or distribution of quantitatively packaged goods is not marked with the correct net content, it shall be ordered to make corrections; If the net content is not marked, it shall be corrected within a time limit. If it fails to do so within the time limit, it may be fined not more than 1000 yuan; If the marked quantity of quantitatively packaged goods produced or distributed is inconsistent with the actual quantity after testing, a fine of not more than 2000 shall be imposed.

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