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Can glass bottles be mailed

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My boyfriend’s birthday is coming out of town. I folded a thousand paper cranes and put them in beautiful bottles. It’s about five kilograms heavy. When I went to the post office, people said they wouldn’t send mail. Now I don’t know what to do. I heard that private express mail is sent. Where can I find it?


but put things in a box larger than the bottle. Plug the gap between the box and the bottle with newspaper or bubble paper. The thicker the plug, the better. Ensure that the bottle will not shake and will not knock on the bottle body in the process of violent shaking, because these goods will be thrown in the logistics process to ensure that they will not be broken


goods prohibited from mailing in China:

1. Guns (including imitations and main parts): such as pistols, rifles, submachine guns, riot guns, air guns, shotguns, sports guns, anesthetic injection guns, steel ball guns, tear gas guns, etc

2. Ammunition (including imitations): such as bullets, bombs, grenades, rockets, flares, incendiary bombs, smoke (FOG) bombs, signal bombs, tear gas bombs, mines, grenades, shells, gunpowder, etc

3. Controlled knives: such as dagger, three edge scraper, spring knife with self-locking device (jumping knife), other similar single edge, double edge, three edge sharp knife, etc

4. Others: such as crossbow, tear gas device, tear gas gun, electric shock device, etc

5. Blasting equipment: such as explosive, detonator, fuse, detonating cord, blasting agent, etc

6. Fireworks and firecrackers: such as fireworks, firecrackers, falling cannons, pulling cannons, smashing cannons, colored medicine bullets and other fireworks and firecrackers, black powder, pyrotechnic, starting paper, ignition wire, etc

7. Others: such as propellant, propellant, nitrocellulose, electric igniter, etc

8. Flammable gases: such as hydrogen, methane, ethane, butane, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, ethylene, propylene, acetylene, lighter, etc& nbsp;

9. Toxic gases: such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, chlorine, etc

10. Explosive or suffocating and combustion supporting gases: such as compressed oxygen, nitrogen, helium, neon, aerosol, etc& nbsp;

11. Flammable liquids

such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, tung oil, acetone, ether, paint, lacquer, benzene, alcohol, rosin oil, etc

extended data

instructions for postal express delivery

1. When mailing things, put them in a carton or package and seal them with adhesive tape. If not, the postal service will help the customer put them into a box. Of course, the box will be charged separately. If there are small things, the courier will take them back and help the customer install them

2. Choose express companies or postal services. If you generally open online stores to send things, most of them use Shentong Yuantong Yunda and other companies, and a few are SF express. Among express delivery, SF is relatively the fastest, while the postal service is relatively slow, but it is suitable for sending large items

3. The express will ask to fill in an order. The information format of the recipient is generally “someone receives a mobile phone number at XX, XX District, XX City, XX Province”, and then weigh the weight. It is calculated by kg. If it is less than 1kg, it is calculated by 1kg. If it is a small item, it is generally more than yuan if it does not exceed the first weight of 1kg

reference Express – Baidu Encyclopedia

express company – Baidu Encyclopedia

glass bottles can be mailed, but you are not guaranteed to be damaged. It is best to add bubble bags and foam boxes to prevent falling.

Yes, I’ve mailed it. It’s shenshentong express!! There are other express companies, FedEx and Shentong express. You can call them and ask them where there are service points

go to the express company, it can be mailed. The cost is cheaper than that of the post office. If you are in a hurry, it is recommended to find Shentong express, which is faster. You can check the map of your neighborhood on the Internet and find express delivery.

the post office certainly doesn’t mail glass bottles. I think you can make a change, thread the thousand paper cranes and mail them, and you can also express your heart.

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