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Can fried food with expired vacuum packaging still be eaten

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no matter whether the food is vacuum packed or not, it is not recommended to eat after the shelf life, but the shelf life is not the only standard to determine whether the food has deteriorated. During the shelf life, food may also deteriorate prematurely due to changes in storage methods, environment and other factors. For example, after the packaging is opened, the shelf life will be shortened; Beyond the shelf life, the food is not sure to deteriorate and cannot be eaten, which needs to be judged by yourself
I. staple food. Staple foods are divided into two categories according to the amount of water. Steamed bread, bread and moon cakes have more water, while biscuits have less water. The shelf life of bread is generally 3 ~ 7 days. After the shelf life, if it is only dry, it can be made into bread crumbs. If it is moldy and sour, it can’t be eaten. The condition of steamed bread is similar to that of bread. If there are gray spots due to mildew, they should be discarded. The shelf-life of moon cakes varies from a few days to 90 days according to the packaging. Due to the high fat content, once the shelf-life is over, they can’t eat. Biscuits have low water content. If they are sealed packaging, the shelf life is generally more than one year. As long as they are free from air leakage and moisture, they can generally be eaten as long as the taste has not changed
II. Canned food. Cans are sealed packaging, isolated from the air, so the shelf life is long, and some can reach more than two years. When buying, be careful not to buy an expanded can. If the can expands after the shelf life, the food is often contaminated by bacteria, and the can must be thrown away. If the jar is not swollen, open it and smell it. If there is sour and miscellaneous taste, you can’t eat it. If there is rust in the tank, it should not be eaten. In addition, after the shelf life, even if there is no taste change, you should heat it before eating
III. milk and dairy products. The shelf life of milk varies from 48 hours to 7 days according to the process and packaging. After the shelf life of milk, if it presents a thick and uneven solution, or has clots or flocs, it should be thrown away. In summer, even if it looks normal, you should cook it. If there is a clot after boiling, it means that the bacteria exceed the standard and you can’t drink it. Milk powder has no moisture, has a long shelf life and does not expire for a long time. It can be eaten as long as there is no dark color, impurities or foreign matters visible to the naked eye, stale taste, musty taste, harassing taste, etc. After washing the milk powder with boiling water, if you find white clots, separation of water and milk, or floating free fat, it won’t work. If it is only slightly caked, it can be used for dessert or cooking, that is, it can be continuously used by heating. Expired yogurt, if there are bubbles or whey separation, does not represent toxic and harmful, which can only indicate that the lactic acid bacteria in it acidify the remaining lactose. If there is a smell of wine, corruption and mildew, it means that it is polluted by other bacteria and can’t be drunk
IV. sausage and other meat products. If it is vacuum packed and placed under dry and frozen conditions, the nutrition will be worse, and the shelf life can reach 3 years. Sausage itself is not a healthy food. Those near the shelf life should be eaten as soon as possible. After the shelf life, if there is a harrowing smell or sticky casing, it indicates microbial reproduction and must not be eaten
v. beverages. Generally, they are packed in closed packaging. After the shelf life, if there is no obvious change in appearance, no fading, turbidity, precipitation, etc., the taste shall prevail, and you can’t drink with peculiar smell
VI. edible oils. In order to save money, many people buy a large bucket of oil at a time and eat it slowly. Although the oil does not seem to change color or taste, the peroxide value of the oil will gradually rise after the cover is opened and exposed to oxygen. Eating such oil for a long time may increase the degree of oxidation in the body and increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. Therefore, fan Zhihong stressed that the oil that has been opened must be used up within three months; The oil poured into the oil pot must be eaten up within one week
VII. Dried fruits. The shelf life of vacuum packed dried fruits can reach half a year to one year, but once the packaging is opened, it is also very likely that there will be problems within the shelf life. Therefore, this kind of food should be thrown away as long as it has a peculiar smell such as Khara taste and is bitter and sour. If the taste is not crisp, it means that it absorbs water, it will quickly deteriorate, grow moldy, oxidize and rancidity, and you can’t have it.

try not to eat. After entering the air, the food will undergo oxidation reaction and deteriorate rapidly

I don’t think I can eat. I can’t eat anything beyond the deadline!

can’t eat!


fried food cannot be eaten

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