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Can expired melon seeds be eaten? How long is the general shelf life

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let me talk to you about the shelf life of melon seeds Any food has a shelf life. If it is stored for a long time, it will be moldy. I don’t know what melon seeds you are talking about. If it is cooked in bags, it will be calculated according to the factory date. If it is cooked in bulk, it must not be eaten. If it is raw in bulk, it must be dried in the sun What do you think
I’m telling you about melon seeds
but many people don’t know that there may be hidden dangers in these small melon seeds, which unknowingly harm people’s health

in March this year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people’s Republic of China issued the “announcement on the quality of fried products under the state supervision and random inspection”, which said that the residue of sulfur dioxide, the use of food additives sweeteners and the acid price of individual products exceeded the mandatory national standards; In April, when the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a spot check on fried goods, it found that the green tea melon seeds of a famous brand were also used with prohibited substances; In the same month, the food quality test results of Ningxia Administration for Industry and Commerce in the first quarter showed that the total number of colonies exceeded 900% of the bulk large plate melon seeds produced by Yuhua melon seed factory of Yinchuan east ring wholesale market on February 3

the hygiene of loose melon seeds is not guaranteed

on April 27, the reporter saw in a large chain supermarket in Chaoyang District, Beijing that although there are many bagged melon seeds produced by regular manufacturers on the shelf, most customers are still choosing bulk goods. A Ms. Chen told reporters that although the production date and shelf life of bagged melon seeds are clearly written, “I’m still not at ease. There are too many inferior things now. I don’t dare to buy them without seeing them with my own eyes and tasting them with my own mouth. Therefore, I’d rather believe in them in bulk.”

this “advantage” of loose melon seeds makes people forget basic information such as production date. When the reporter asked the salesperson the same question, he was immediately despised by the salesperson: “the melon seeds I sell are almost empty in a day or two. What is the shelf life?” But when the reporter asked him if he knew how long the melon seeds had been stored before they were put on the shelf or at the wholesaler, he hesitated and hesitated: “I just want to sell. How can I know this? It won’t be too long anyway…”

of course, some customers questioned the hygiene of bulk melon seeds: “it’s dirty enough to put them outside directly and think about it”, And “some people grab one, eat two, and throw them back; the next person continues to spread bacteria in this way, so it’s strange not to get sick”

there are many “flower activities” of colored melon seeds

if the bulk melon seeds in the supermarket have made people mutter, the “flower activities” played by retailers in the market are even more shocking

the reporter saw in some farmers’ markets in Dongcheng District that most of the melon seeds are packed in extremely simple plastic bags, which have been covered with ash. It can be seen that the placement time is not short. When asking the price, the vendor will certainly tell you, “this is fried and sold now”. As for the workshops for baking and frying melon seeds, it is even more surprising. The simple conditions and equipment are the same. Behind some are garbage dumps. The yard is dirty and messy. From time to time, several pools of sewage can be seen. The staff don’t wear work clothes at all, but basically work with bare hands

what makes reporters feel fresh is the colorful color of melon seeds. According to vendors, among all melon seeds, colored melon seeds are the best to sell, although their price is about twice that of ordinary melon seeds. When the reporter questioned whether these melon seeds were dyed with pigment, the stall owner argued that “red melon seeds” were a new variety just cultivated, which itself was red; “Green melon seeds” are fried with green tea; “Corn melon seeds” is baked on the corn flour, so it tastes more fragrant and crispy

“small melon seeds” hide “big cat greasy”


but is this really the case? CCTV’s weekly quality report and some media have written articles to disclose the truth of “colored melon seeds”. A reporter once conducted an experiment on the spot: put the colored melon seeds into the water. Two hours later, the water soaked in melon seeds turns into “dark red” and “dark green” respectively. The so-called new variety of the stall – “red melon seeds” turns gray (yellow) after fading, Became an ordinary watermelon seed; The so-called “green tea melon seeds” have faded to grayish green at the moment. In this regard, Professor He Jiguo, director of the Department of nutrition and food safety of the food College of China Agricultural University, pointed out the maze for the reporter

colored melon seeds are colored. He Jiguo said that the bright colored red melon seeds were actually carmine. “Sulfur and carmine are food additives and are safe to use within the scope stipulated by the state. However, if they are added to fried melon seeds, they are ‘used beyond the scope’, which may cause certain harm to human body.” During the reporter’s unannounced visit, some stall owners directly confessed that the reason why colored melon seeds are different is that they add alum, sulfur and other industrial raw materials harmful to human body

sulfur dioxide floats out white melon seeds. The white melon seeds that “look clean” and “sell well” on the stall are added with sulfur dioxide. Xu Yun, director of the Chinese Nutrition Society and chief physician of the Institute of nutrition and food hygiene of the Beijing Center for disease control, pointed out that although sulfur dioxide treatment is allowed by the state, indiscriminate use is also common. After sulfur dioxide enters the human body, it will produce sulfite, which will be oxidized to produce sulfate. After normal detoxification, it will be finally excreted by urine. Low dose exposure to sulfur dioxide will lead to slow sense of smell, chronic rhinitis, decline of pulmonary ventilation function and immune function

talc powder, paraffin wax and mineral oil are the “polishing” of fried melon seeds. During the interview, from time to time, vendors told reporters: “melon seeds look shiny, and there are many talents to buy.”. In fact, in order to make melon seeds smooth, some small workshops will add a large amount of talc powder when frying; In order to make melon seeds bright, they polish them with mineral oil and paraffin. Xu Yun said that although paraffin (instant white oil) is a food additive allowed by the state, there may be excessive additives in some informal private workshops. When mineral oil enters the human body, it will stimulate the digestive system of the human body. At least, it will have symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting. If you chew a lot of melon seeds containing mineral oil, you will have symptoms such as numbness in your mouth, sensitivity to tobacco, easy cough and sore throat.

it’s better not to eat expired melon seeds. There is a lot of loss of nutrients in them. It seems that they haven’t deteriorated on the surface. In fact, a large number of toxic and harmful substances have been bred in them. Eating them is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and even poisoning, which is harmful to health

generally, there will be smell loss after expiration, that is, it is soft or has peculiar smell. If there is no suggestion and the package is not opened, it can be used within one month. You’d better throw away the unpacked ones

just don’t smell


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