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Baijiu has been well developed in China. Why is Baijiu liquor very simple?

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Chinese Baijiu is often seen as a very attractive package for

, but Baijiu has a very good market. What exactly led to this stereotype? Are Baijiu packaging really ugly? Why is it that despite this, being “disliked” has not changed? In fact, every bottle of Baijiu has its own characteristics, not only is it not ugly, but some become classic. p>

each brand and each series of wine has a unique bottle packaging difference. Some Baijiu make snap packaging become a part of the brand, it is very difficult to make drastic changes. Changing the packaging is not a simple matter, the cost is very high, nor is it short to say that the change can be changed. After all, the packaging of wine is like giving a person a feeling that it can recognize it at the same time, knowing what wine it is and which brand it is, which is the identification degree brought by packaging. There are also many different brands of packaging with different elements. For example, some packaging adopts Chinese style and so on

the packaging of Chinese Baijiu is better than that of good-looking, especially when bottles come from history, from bronze cans to pottery and porcelain wine, and the convenience and convenience of carrying and storing, which have formed brand unique brand symbols, and become something that they cannot replace with wine and wine culture. P>


Baijiu (foreign name: Liquor and Spirits Baijiu &nbsp); It is the general name of Chinese liquor (except fruit wine and rice wine), also known as Shaojiu, Laobaigan, shaodaozi, etc

Chinese Baijiu liquor has the complex flavour of ester as the main body. It is made from starches and saccharides by using starch and sugar as raw materials. It is made from various kinds of wine, such as cooking, saccharifying, fermenting, distilling, aging and blending. Strictly speaking, the blending wine made from the consumption of alcohol and spices is not considered to be a baijiu. Baijiu Baijiu half of the country is China’s largest liquor producer in the Yangtze River and Chishui River Basin, Guizhou, Renhuai, Sichuan Yibin and Sichuan Luzhou triangle. It has the largest and best quality distilled liquor producing areas in the world, namely, five Lushi, the three famous liquor brands in China. Its liquor industry cluster has carried half of the Chinese Baijiu industry. p>

since there is a good market for simple packaging, why spend too much money on packaging to save money and cost. Although China’s Baijiu packaging looks simple, but in fact, each wine packaging has its unique style and charm, which can be brief and not simple.

it depends on what kind of Baijiu it is. If it is cheap, the packaging is very casual. But if it is more expensive, the packing is very nice and the packaging is very exquisite.

because of good reputation. The reputation of Baijiu is all about word of mouth. If the quality is good and the packaging is poor, someone will buy it.

I think it’s mainly for environmental protection. Another reason is to reflect the intensity of Baijiu.

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