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Advantages and disadvantages of gas and honeycomb briquette

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1. Coal gas is a gas containing combustible components processed from coal. According to the processing method, gas properties and uses, it can be divided into: water gas, semi water gas and air gas (or generator gas) obtained by coal gasification. These gases have low calorific value, so they are also collectively referred to as low calorific value gas; The gas obtained from coking in coal dry distillation is called coke oven gas, which belongs to medium calorific value gas and can be used as civil fuel in cities. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen in coal gas are important chemical raw materials, which can be used to synthesize ammonia and methanol. Therefore, the gas used as chemical raw material is called syngas, which can also be made from natural gas, light oil and heavy oil
2. The gas generated during incomplete combustion of coal is mainly composed of carbon monoxide, colorless, odorless and toxic. The combination of hemoglobin in the blood after being inhaled by people and animals can cause poisoning. Also known as coal poison
example: the gas must be turned off after cooking
3. Common name of liquefied petroleum gas.

honeycomb briquette>> although it costs less, there are more hidden dangers, and the monthly cost: it is used to boil water and cook. Now it is also used for heating. The cost of buying honeycomb briquette is about 40 yuan a month. Advantages and disadvantages analysis: although it is cost-effective to burn honeycomb briquette, it is troublesome, unsanitary and dangerous. Recommended index: ★★ due to the rising price of liquefied petroleum gas, since September this year, the honeycomb briquette uplifted in many residential corridors has become higher and higher. With the advent of winter, many residents, especially low-income families or migrant workers, not only cook with honeycomb briquette, but also use honeycomb briquette for heating. Aunt Xia, who lives in a newly opened shop in Changsha, told reporters that her monthly subsistence allowance is less than 300 yuan. Since the rise of liquefied petroleum gas in May this year, she has used honeycomb briquette to boil water and cook. Now she also uses honeycomb briquette for heating. The cost of buying honeycomb briquette is about 40 yuan a month and less than 200 yuan in the first quarter. Aunt Liu, who lives in the new Wharf in Changsha, spends the winter with honeycomb briquette every year. She said that although it is cost-effective to burn honeycomb briquette, it is troublesome, unsanitary and dangerous to change honeycomb briquette. According to her, gas poisoning occurs in their community every year. In order to avoid gas poisoning as much as possible, many citizens use steel charcoal (anthracite) for heating. In a residential area of Martian Town, the reporter saw many coal traders selling steel charcoal. Uncle Zhang bought 50 kilograms of steel charcoal at once. Uncle Zhang told reporters that this kind of steel charcoal has enough firepower, which makes the heating very hot. It is very convenient to make and stop the fire, and it is also very cost-effective. The monthly cost of gas-fired air conditioner is generally about 20 yuan per square meter. Taking a household of 100 square meters as an example, the cost paid in the whole winter (taking 4-5 months in the north as the standard) is about 2000 yuan, and the monthly cost is about 400 yuan. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages: the colder period in winter in Changsha is only 2 ~ 3 months, and the longer time in summer is more important. Therefore, the dual-purpose air conditioning of cold and heat is more affordable and more efficient for citizens. However, with the growth of natural gas, the dual-purpose gas-fired air conditioner has more advantages. Recommendation Index: ★★★★★★ in most cities in the north, central heating has become the main form of heating for the majority of residents. It is understood that central heating is a reasonable way to make scientific use of energy, with an energy utilization rate of 70%. Its heat source is fixed, and it can provide 24-hour uninterrupted heating to provide users with a constant room temperature. In addition, the operation of underground pipe network is conducive to the allocation of heat, which is cheap and safe. Today, more than 36% of civil buildings in Beijing have used central heating. In Changsha, the provincial capital, at present, most residents choose their own heating form, except that large office buildings, shopping malls and hotels adopt Gas-fired central air conditioning or some welfare enterprises adopt boiler (boiling water) central heating. Natural gas will officially enter Hunan next year. Can Xingcheng citizens enjoy central heating? The person in charge of Changsha Xinao Gas Co., Ltd. said yesterday that the company will cooperate with relevant air-conditioning enterprises, while central heating similar to northern cities has not been planned for the time being. It is understood that although central heating is convenient and cheap, there are also many problems. The most prominent problem is that the charge is one size fits all, charging according to the house area. During the four or five months of winter every year, regardless of whether residents are heating or not, they must pay according to the house area. Residents cannot independently decide the heating time and indoor temperature every day, resulting in a huge waste of energy. Experts also believe that central heating is widely used in most cities in the north, mainly because the low temperature season in winter in the north is long, generally 4 ~ 5 months. In terms of cost, it is generally about 20 yuan per square meter. Taking a household of 100 square meters as an example, the cost paid each winter is about 2000 yuan, and the cost spent each month is about 400 yuan. The colder period in winter in Changsha is only 2 ~ 3 months, while Xingcheng in summer is a famous stove. The dual-purpose air conditioning of cold and heat is more affordable for residents. However, the person in charge of an air-conditioning enterprise planning to develop gas-fired air-conditioning said in an interview yesterday that he was full of confidence in the future development prospect of gas-fired air-conditioning in Changsha. “After natural gas enters Changsha, it is expected to comprehensively promote gas-fired air conditioning, which can not only provide heating for citizens in winter, but also cool them in summer. It has more advantages than central heating in northern cities, and the energy cost of gas-fired air conditioning is lower than that of electric air conditioning. ■ warm reminder of heating safety in winter. First, there is a fire or honeycomb briquette due to heating with heaters in winter Gas poisoning caused by heating occurs from time to time in Xingcheng. Experts remind the general public to strengthen the prevention of various fire accidents in the cold winter. Even when using seemingly safe air conditioners, pay attention to the safe use of power supply. It is understood that when using the electric heater, the socket should not be located directly above the electric heater to prevent the heat from rising and burning the power supply. If there are electrical appliances that are easy to cause sudden change of current and are more frequent, such as electric welding machine, impact drill, electric hammer, etc. used at the same time with the electric heater, it is easier to damage the electric heater; The electric heater cannot be covered with any items. Placing items will make the heat of the electric heater unable to be dissipated in time, resulting in burning. When using an electric heater with a special clothes drying rack, be sure to screw the water dry to avoid danger caused by water droplets in the control box of the electric heater (except for the waterproof type); When cleaning the electric heater, it is best to wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in household detergent or soapy water. Do not use diluted solvents such as gasoline to avoid damage to the shell and accidents. The electric heater in the bathroom should be wiped and dried and stored in the bathroom. At present, the electric heaters of many manufacturers are set with high, medium and low power. When using high power, try not to use it together with other high-power household appliances (such as electric rice cooker, electric water heater, etc.) to ensure safe use. Some families using honeycomb briquette should ensure indoor ventilation and avoid closing doors and windows. I intercepted it on the Internet. I hope this is the answer you want

gas is convenient and relatively less polluted. Honeycomb briquette has a strong odor, but its safety is better than that of gas

gas is more dangerous than honeycomb briquette. Honeycomb briquette is not as convenient to use as gas


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