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you can use “Nongle chicken manure starter” for fermentation. After fermentation, you can make feed or organic fertilizer. The following is a general description of the process of making feed (the general method of making organic fertilizer is the same as that of making feed, but the dosage of ingredients and fermentation broth are different. For details, please consult the Nongle technician):
mix 60% of the fresh chicken manure (or pigeon manure and duck manure can also be fermented), 15% of corn flour, 10% of rice bran, 5% of wheat bran and 0.5-1% of Nongle EM fermentation broth without mildew and bacteria, and adjust the water content to about 60% (add an appropriate amount of Nongle EM fermentation broth to dilute it in advance, which is more conducive to its uniform mixing). The simple judgment method is: hold the material tightly with your hand and it can form a ball. It is appropriate to let go and fall to the ground and spread it. Too high or too low moisture is unfavorable. Then put it into a plastic bag or a sealed tank (tank or make a small fermentation tank), and seal it for fermentation for 5-7 days (slightly longer in winter). When the chicken manure is yellow green, odorless and slightly sour (fermentation time is too long and the wine smell is too strong), the fermentation is basically completed, and then it can be fed. When feeding, pay attention to the principle of “from less to more, slowly adapt”. Pigs love to eat, are not easy to get sick, have ruddy and shiny fur, like to sleep, and can replace up to 30% of refined feed. Technician Tel. 133-8383-2575, QQ
storage of chicken manure after fermentation: strictly compress and compact with plastic film, seal and store it strictly. As long as it is well sealed, it generally does not deteriorate. If possible, you can buy the corresponding vacuum packaging machine for vacuum packaging in plastic bags, which can be stored for more than half a year and transported for sale. Reference: Nongle biotechnology.

there are various processing methods of chicken manure, including physical method, chemical method, microbial fermentation method and comprehensive method. Foreign method and local method, ancient method and modern method coexist, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be adjusted according to local conditions. The traditional method of chicken manure fermentation as fertilizer is to let it naturally accumulate and ferment for 5 ~ 6 months, and it takes about 20 days or a month to make feed. In this way, the odor is distributed, which not only pollutes the environment, but also causes a large loss of nutrients. The treatment of chicken manure by microbial fermentation can not only speed up the fermentation process, shorten the fermentation time, prevent waste and improve the nutritional value of chicken manure; Moreover, it can produce temperature drying chicken manure through fermentation, which saves energy consumption, has low cost, simple operation and is easy to promote, so it is welcomed by users. I use the chicken manure fermentation agent produced by Beihai Qunlin biological company. The effect is very good. One kilogram can ferment several times, and the time is fast.
Br /> try chicken manure starter. Because chicken intestines are shorter than cattle, sheep, geese and pigs, and food does not stay in the intestines for a long time, the nutrients of chicken feed can only absorb about one-third of them, and most of them are discharged from the rectum. Finally, what causes the chicken to “pull out” is “treasure”. If it is treated with products such as Jinbao feed starter, it will become “treasure”. Chicken manure contains about 28% crude protein, 13% pure protein and 8% total amino acids, and all kinds of amino acids are relatively balanced. In addition, it is also rich in B vitamins and a variety of trace elements. Therefore, chicken manure is a cheap low-energy protein feed, but it must be treated with Gymboree feed starter. Gymboree feed starter can detoxify chicken manure, improve the palatability of chicken manure, and improve feed utilization. Animals eating fermented chicken manure can supplement the population and quantity of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine, form a “dominant beneficial flora”, inhibit the colonization, growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, restore and maintain the microecological balance in the intestine, improve the immunity and disease resistance of animals, and make animals grow healthily, Less illness. In addition, using chicken manure instead of some protein materials and supplementing some energy feed can greatly reduce the feed cost and reduce environmental pollution.

chicken manure starter belongs to the category of organic material ripening agent in microbial fertilizer. Now, if microbial fertilizer wants to enter the market, it basically needs to be registered with the Ministry of agriculture. Therefore, products registered with the Ministry of agriculture, such as Zhengnong compost starter, must be purchased
some people say that urea is also a starter, which is wrong. Urea can indeed accelerate fermentation in the fermentation process, which is mainly because urea plays the role of supplementing nitrogen source and adjusting carbon nitrogen ratio
there is also the need to buy products within the shelf life. Generally, the shelf life of powder starter is required to be no less than 6 months, and that of water agent is no less than 3 months. Therefore, the shelf life of powder is longer than that of water agent.

if chicken dung is fermented with vitality 99 yeast as pig feed, a package of this product + 100kg corn flour + 500kg chicken dung, adjust the water content to 50 ~ 60% (there is a watermark in your hand and finger seam), and carry out sealed fermentation. If necessary, turn the pile once in about seven days, and then seal the fermentation for a few days. Combined with compound vitamins, it can replace about 20% of the feed
if you ferment animal manure, crop stalks, garbage, fruit dregs and leaves with high crude fiber to make high-quality compost, please use the company’s newly developed new product – “compost rapid ripening agent”, which can quickly decay these materials and become high-quality biological bacterial fertilizer in 5-15 days. After the application of crops, the soil is bulky, the stems are thick and the leaves are luxuriant.


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